As the only Master of Arts in Art Therapy program in Northern California, Dominican University of California offers an intimate on-campus learning environment designed to prepare students for successful careers in art therapy while encouraging the artistic and therapeutic process.

This site brings together a collection of master's theses from the students of the Art Therapy program.


Theses/Capstones from 1991

Grant Proposal for a Pilot Study Addressing the Emotional Issues Surrounding Diabetes for Diabetic Children and Adolescents and Their Family Members, Barbara A. DeRose

Grant Proposal for the Establishment of an Art Therapy Program at the Family Resource Center of Salinas/Seaside Facility of Monterey County, Kimberly Roach

Images of Crisis: Art Therapy Process in Short Term Shelter Settings, Sandra Lehti

The Path of Creation, Laura E. Langdon

The Role of Precombat Personality in the Development of Postcombat Stress Disorder: A Case Study Using Art Therapy, Jana Tuschman

Why Women Artists Choose to Become Art Therapists, Lisa A. Hill

Theses/Capstones from 1990

Art Therapy in West Germany: A Study of Theories and Methods, Tatjana Meschede

Artworks: A Traveling Art Program, Cathleen Meadows

Clinical Art Therapy With Adult Patients in the Western Psychiatric Center, Nadine M. Blaschak

Development of a Database of Artwork by Vietnam Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), E. Anne Reidy

Emotional and Organic Indices Based on Human Figure Drawings by Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury, Benne E. Rockett

Grant Proposal for a 1991 Appointment Calendar Featuring the Art Work Created by Children Who are Patients at Napa State Hospital, Connie Holmund

Grant Proposal for a Pilot Art Education Program for Room-Bound elders at Hillsdale manor Convalescent Hospital, Catherine Crawford

Grant Proposal for a Pilot Art Therapy Program for Children of Battered Women Temporarily Housed in the San Mateo Battered Women's Shelter, Diana W. Young

Grant Proposal for Outpatient Art and Family Therapy Groups with Schizophrenic Clients, Elaine Marley Beaver

Grant Proposal to Establish an Art Therapy Trauma Surviviors Group for Kings Outreach Boys Ranch, Mary De Santos

Grant Proposal to Support a Pilot Art Therapy Project for a Short-Term Outpatient Chemical Dependency Group, Juanita Ghalamkar

Group Art Therapy for Repetitive Symbolism of an Austistic Adolescent, Joyce M. Kafoury

Pediatric Leukemia Patients: Their Family Relations and Significant Artistic Symbols, Pamela Dobbins

Proposal for Training in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Utilizing Art Expression in Establishing Client Determined Values and Goals, Robert E. Johnson

Robert: A Case Study using Art Therapy to Facilitate Growth, Sahanta Lee DiCesare-Pannutti

Sandtray Therapy With a Seriously Disturbed Adolescent, Joan W. Lundborg

The Effects of Art Therapy on the Self-Esteem of a Subject Exhibiting Dieting and Overeating Behavior, Emily Groce France

Using Art Therapy Groups to Promote Insight in Adult Inpatients, Lili Y. Suzuki

Using Artwork in a Multifamily Therapy Group, Elisabeth E. Middelberg

Theses/Capstones from 1989

Art Representations as Functions of Depressive State: Longitudinal Studies in Chronic Childhood and Adolescent Depression, Thomas J. Brudenell

Facilitating the Therapeutic Alliance Through the Art Process in Short-Term Family Art Therapy, Barbara Danielsen

Grant Project for a Group Mural Pilot Project Designed for and Supported by the Fred Finch Youth Center, Beverly Stone

The Art of Process: A Program Designed for the Apple Child Care Center, Apple Computer, Inc., Margaret Francis Conroy

The Effectiveness of a Group Art Therapy Project in the Treatment of Latency Age Boys, Linda Marnell

The Use of a Circular Sand Tray in Sandplay, Dorothy T. Chrisman

Triumph of the Spirit: Creative Art Therapy and How It Impacts on the Quality of Life of Handicapped Elderly Patients in a Convalescent Home Setting, Lynette Joy Ben-Sushan

Theses/Capstones from 1988

A Proposal to Establish an Art Therapy Program at Mercy Manor: Skilled Nursing Facility, Meredith Standiford

Partner Drawing With Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children, Nancy Backstrom

Postcombat Stress Disorder: A Case Study Using Art Therapy, Priscilla Barbanica

Theses/Capstones from 1987

An Overview of French Art Therapy, Sande Griffith

Art Therapy and the Empathic Relationship: Three Case Studies, Patricia McKay

Art Therapy with Blind and Visually Impaired Adults, Rosalyn Benjet

Art Therapy with Depressed Patients in an Institutional Setting, John Robert O'Brien

Artwork of Alzheimer's Disease Patients in an Institutional Setting, Kaoru Watanabe

Emotional Indicators on Human Drawings of Learning Handicapped Children:, Patricia Barry Hollister

Facilitating the Death/Rebirth Experience Through Art With Three Adolescent Girls Who Had Each Lost a Parent, Adele M. Aced

Grant Application: Art Therapy as an Assessment of Substance Relapse, Carol Marie Smyth

Grant Proposal: St. Luke's Hospital Pediatric Unit Play Therapy Program, Sara A. Gaines

Proposal to Support an Art Gallery at Napa State Hospital, Elaina Rose Cameron

The California Primary Prevention Project a Therapeutic art and Play Program for Children Grades K-3 with Early or At Risk of School Adjustment Problems and Its Proposed Implemnetation at Nesbit School Belmont, California, Carolyn A. Merchant

The Effects of Art Therapy on The Self Esteem of Young Adolescents, Joan K. Workman

The Environment is a Factor in Experiencing the Feeling of Safety and Wellness, Toni Morley

The Mandalas in the Artwork of the Mentally Ill, Ingeborg Johanna Matte

The Relationship Between Premorbid Personality and Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type and the Stress of Male and Female Caregivers, Marti Erickson