As the only Master of Arts in Art Therapy program in Northern California, Dominican University of California offers an intimate on-campus learning environment designed to prepare students for successful careers in art therapy while encouraging the artistic and therapeutic process.

This site brings together a collection of master's theses from the students of the Art Therapy program.


Theses/Capstones from 1995

The Coming Out Process: Parental Knowledge of Sexual Orientation and the Self-Esteem of Adult Lesbians, Gabrielle M. Johnson

The Diagnostic Drawing Series: Research with Depressed Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Adults, Megan J. Burdick-Grade

The Diagnostic Drawing Series: Research with Male Inmates Incarcerated for Murder, Claudee D. Mitchell

The Effects of Adoption on Identity as Assessed by the Kinetic Family Drawing, Colleen Paul

The Experience of Childlessness for Women in Midlife Who Delayed Childbearing Until It Was Too Late, Gail Caufield

The Use of a Body Sculpture Experience as a Means of Addressing Body-Image with Five Women, Jeanne Cory Preville

The Use of Imagery and Visualization in a Cognitive-Based Art Therapy Group to Increase Internality in Adolescent Girls, Kristin Joy Kuhlman

Victim to Victimizer: Breaking the Cycle: An Art Therapy Group Intervention with Sexually Abused Boys in a Residential Settting, Lisa A. Manthe

Visual Construct Choices of Incarcerated Women, Estelle Frances Rubenstein

Theses/Capstones from 1994

A Japanese Art Form Koinobori, Hospitalized Children, and Hope: A Proposal, Nancy Tolin

An Exploration of the Soothing Affects of the Mandala on an Adolescent Population, Aleeza Cohen

Art Used as a Therapeutic Intervention Between Isralie Arabs and Jews, Sandrine Elizabeth Hahn

Assessment of Suicide Risk in Abused Adolescents Using the Rosebush Visualization Technique, Evie Zepernick

A Stepmother Archetype, Georgia Jackman Fink

A Study of Recurrent Symbols and Visual Construct Choices in the Art of Adolescent Substance Abusers, Pamela Malkoff Hayes

Evolution of the Tree Symbol as a Metaphor for Individualization, Sharon Quinn

Finish the Picture An Art-Based/Projective Technique Used With Children, Teresa Schall

Five Graphic Indicators of Sexual Abuse, James R. Gattis

H-T-P Pre and Post Tests with Schizophrenic Patients on Antipsychotic Medication, W. Kay Inman

Insight into Factors Involved in the Developmental Process of Professional Identity Formation of the Art Therapist, Marsha Hardaway-Burke

Mari Card Test: Profile of the Cardiac Patient, Eunice Brown

Mirroring Through Art to Repair the Damaged Self, Elenore Kanner Weinberg

The Psychological Related Effects of Children Creating Mandalas, Carol DeLue

The Supervisor/Student Relationship in an Art Therapy Prcticum Setting, Carla A. Hawke

The Use of Art and Wilderness Experience to Inncrease Hope in Adolescents: An Exploration of an Intervention, Brian Andrew Lewis

The Validity and Reliability of the Draw-A-Person Directive as a Global Self-Esteem Assessment in Elementary Schools, Elizabeth Van Horn

Using Collage to Overcome Resistance in Troubled Adolescents, Shirley Gallup

Theses/Capstones from 1993

Assessment of Multiple Personality Disorder Using Art Therapy, Liesel Roberts

Assessment of Suicidal Youth Using Art Therapy, Susan Scoskie

Grant Proposal for an Art Therapy Program for At Risk Children in Residence at the Battered Women's Shelter Program San Mateo, CA, Rachel Cherry

Research Proposal to Study Sandplay Therapy as a Modlaity to Enhance Self-Esteem in SED Adolescents: Part I, Robert A. Goulart

Research Proposal to Study Sandplay Therapy as a Modlaity to Enhance Self-Esteem in SED Adolescents: Part II, Robert A. Goulart

Tattoo Significance Among Woment, Christine L. Pulliam

The Art Therpist's Handbook, Victoria Z. Woodrow

The Effect of Momentary Emotional States on Color Response Patterns, Lea Nazarathy

The Effects of Art Therapy on the Self-Worth of Inner City Youth, Erica Saltiel Levin

The Impact of Borderline Clients Studied in Post-Session Artwork of Nine Therapists, Debbie J. Wessels

The Influence of Time and Professioanlization on The Evolution of Art Therapists Identity, Sally V. A. Benson

The Validiity and Reliability of the "Draw a Rosebush" Art Assessment to Discriminate Between Abuse and Non-Abuse in Adolescents, Maura Katrin Schapper

Theses/Capstones from 1992

Art Therpay in a Behaviorally Oriented Day Program with a Schizophrenic Male Adult, Heidi R. Inglis

Eating Disorders and Contemporary Women, Joanna Denkin

Positive School Performance: Art as a Second Language to Promote Self-Esteem, Charlotte A. Flanagan

Preferred Symbol, Archetypal Stages, and Life Satisfaction of the Spritiual Woman at Midlife, Patricia J. Laszewski

Treatment of Adolescent Obesity Using Behavioral Art Therapy, Angela Faye Ruff

Theses/Capstones from 1991

An Analysis of Stress in the Careers of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Richard A. Jercha

An Analysis of the Feminist Perspective in Family Art Therapy Training, Constance A. Ingram

A Pilot Program: Family Art Therapy as Psychological Intervention with Terminally Ill Patients and Their Caregivers, Gwen J. Sanders

Color as a Bridge from Mental Illness, Sherryl-Anne Malone

For Kids: Grant Proposal for Pyramid Alternatives' Children's Therapy and Education Group, Amy Horn

Grant Proposal for a Pilot Program to Increase Self-Esteem in Abused Severly Emotional Disturbed Adolescents, Melissa Ann Locke-Quan