This is a collection of Education Master's Theses (1953 - 2012) from Dominican University of California.

The theses listed here currently reside at the Archbishop Alemany Library and only available for use in the Library


Theses/Capstones from 2006

A Pilot Study on a Holistic Model Incorporating a Psycholinguistic Approach Accelerating Second Language Acquisition, Julie C. Catton

A Study of the Effective Use and Integration of Technology, Paige Truax

Building Community in a Standards-Based Classroom, Deidre Cobia

Deterents to Reading and Methods to Support Students to Become Lifelong Readers, Aja Silva-Sabino

Differentiated Instruction: Principles and Techniques for the Elementary Grades, Melinda E. Good

Dr. Suess in the Classroom: Building the Phonemic Awareness of Kindergarten Students, Angela Kriesler

Education, Coerrection, and Recidivism: A Qualitative Study of Adult Detention Centers in Mendocino, El Dorado and San Mateo Counties, David Genoux

Integrating 6th Grade Geometry Standards into a Waldorf Methods Charter School, Ilie Alma Watterson


Jesuit Education and Mathematics: Review of the Literature on Jesuit Education and Mathematics, Ernesto A. Diaz

Outside the School Day Programs in High Poverty Elementary Schools, Lori Dawn Bosworth Jones

Preparing Regular Education Teachers for the Mainstreaming of Emotionally Disturbed Students, Amy E. Allen

Self-Regulating Learning Strategies for Students with Learning Differences, Kim Scheidt

Strategies for Improved Learning for Students with Audiotry Processing Difficulties, Michelle L. Richman

Student-Centered Math Activities and Standards-Based Classrooms, Jennifer Levy

Successful Involvement of Language Minority Familties in Secondary Classrooms, Megan Walker

Supporting Special Needs in a Catholic Junior High, Eleanor Ryan

The Benefits of a School Leadership Program for Students, Tracy L. Walker

The Need for Highly qualified Taechers Committed to Servign Students in Urban Centers, Gary Watson

The Use of Soundabet to Increase Phonemic Awareness, Jennifer L. Heutz

Understanding the Appropriateness of Standards on Kindergarten Achievement in California: A Developmental Perspective, Shawna J. Fox


Using Comic Books to Motivate Literacy Development in the Classroom, Adolfo Real Jr.

Using Student Learning Styles and Adapting Teaching Styles in the Context of a Standardized Curriculum, Anelie Smith

Writing in the Digital Era: New Dimensions for English Learners' Literacy, Gislene Nascimento

Theses/Capstones from 2005

A Study on the Relationship Between Participation in School-Sponsored Sports and Academic Achievement in High School, Shereen Madjd-Sadjadi

A Survey of Preschool Preparation Programs in Northern California, Melissa M. Gareis

Biracial Children and Identity Development, Elizabeth Ann Gardner

Characteristics of Selected Multilingual Education Programs from Around the World: A Review of the Literature, Jimmy Lopez Jr.

Comparison of Views of Teachers from Full-Day and Half-Day Kindergarten Programs on Reading Readiness in Catholic Elementary Schools, Christi Giusto Schwoob

Determining the Effectiveness of the 1-4 Offense in College Basketball in Relation to Scoring Averages and Winning Percentages, Bryan Rooney

Effectively Using Technology to Assist ESL Students to Increase Their English Skills and Ability, Yu-Wen Chang

Effectiveness of Dissecton Alternatives for Middle School Science Students, Jeremiah Siem

Effective Strategies and Necessary Resources for Mainstreaming Autistic Students into High School, Lynn Maloney

Effective Technology Use in Skill-Based Mathematics Instruction: Fourth through Eighth Grades, Cheri Workman

Effect of Jason Multimedia Science Curriculum on Developing Science Content Vocabulary of English Learners, Sarah Zykanov

Emotions and Music: How Music Evokes Emotions in Children and Adults: A Position Paper, Cayla Chaiken

Exploring Animal-Assisted Therapy as a Reading Intervention Strategy, Maria S. Kaymen

High School Students' Perceptions fo the Treatment of the Mexican-American War in Textbooks: Results froma Private Bilingual Bicultural School in Mexico, Serena Rose Millstone

Identifying Student Learning Styles Using the Movement Aspects of Wetzig Coordination Patterns, Deborah J. Roberts

Implementing Graphic Organizers for English Language Learners in High School Biology, Jason Shern

Improving Reading Skills for English Language Learners Within the Regular Educational Program, Cheryl Ellen Sweeney

Improving Students' Attitudes About Statisitcs Ability through Integration of Statistical Software With Statistics Instruction, Susan Emrich Tynes

Influence of the Time-of-Day on Student Performance on Mathematical Algorithms, Wendy Sjosten-Bell

In-Service to Practice: Effectiveness of Using Technology on Curricular Integration in the Classroom, Jeffrey W. Bausch

James Burke's The Knowledge Web: An Educational Resource, Alexandria Frances Pattillo

Kindergarten Readiness: Using Age or Skill in Assessing a Child's Readiness, Leslie Barden Smith

Low Self-Esteem in Children: Improving Self-Esteem in Abused Children Living in Out-of-Home Placements, Colleen D. Murphy

Middle School Reading Comprehension, Wendy Ragusa

Needs of Dyslexic Students and Reading Programs that Meet Them, Daniel Marsh

Physical Fitness and Language Arts Achievement Correlations ina Rural Fifth Grade Population, Kathryn Hall

Primary Teachers' Perceptions on their Performance in Relation to Class Size: Do They Feel They are Meeting the Academic Needs of Their Students?, Elaine S. O'Rourke