This is a collection of Art Therapy Master's Theses (1981 - 2015) from the time that the program was located at Notre Dame de Namur. The program moved to Dominican University of California in the Fall of 2021.

The theses listed here currently reside at the Archbishop Alemany Library and only available for use in the Library


Theses/Capstones from 2013

Speaking of the Unspoken: A Phenomenological Inquiry of Women's Experiences of a First Trimester Induced Abortion Through Particiaption in a Post-Abortion Art Therapy Group, Camille de Meneses

"Art of Dreaming" A Humanistic-Experiential Approach for Integrating Art Therapy into a Dream Group, Clementine Do

Increasing Optimism in Adolescents: An Integrative Intervention of Positive Psychology, The Mindup Program, Mindfulness, Yoga, and Art Therapy, Elizabeth Doyle

Fostering Resiliency in School Aged Children Through Art Therapy Group Interventions, Ruth Doyle

Using the Kinetic-Family-Drawing (KFD) to Assess Attachment in a Young Adult Population, Jonathan Etkin

Using Art Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Improve the Quality of Recovery in Post-Operative Patients with Amputations, Jan-Gabrielle Galiñanes

Dreams, Art and Well-Being: A Positive Psychology Approach to Bringing Awareness to Dreams, Margaret Ann Gammie

Increasing Resilience Through Art Therapy in Children with Domestic Violence Exposure, Katleen M. Gilliland

Art Therapy as a Treatment Modality for Processing Recurring Dreams and Anxiety, Nicole Hallenbeck

Bereaved Adults' Art Therapy Group, Andrea Hans

I Feel Beautiful: A Narrative Art Therapy Group Designed to Increase Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem in Adult Women, Chelsea Hunter

AVPT Art Assessment with Survivors of Human Trafficking, Jessica Jarocki

Art Therapy and Chinese Immigrant Mental Health: Acculturation of Chinese Adolescents in the United States - A Female Chinese Teenager Support Group, Chia-I Ruby Jen

Reminiscence Through Collage: Elders newly Transitioning into an Assisted Living Community, Kelly Kanclerowicz

Digital Art Therapy with Older Adults: An Exploration of the iPad as a Medium, Melissa Kinches

Harnessing Technology: Art Therapy as Early Intervention in School-Based Counseling for Latino Adolescents with Low SES, Tiffany Landis

Creating Symbols to Identify and Stabilize Character Traits: Using Art Therapy and Positive Psychology Perspective with Adolescents in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment, Faith Matter-Kratzer

CAS with Art and Chronic Pain: The Effects of Clearing a Space with Art on Women with Chronic Pain, Jenny McGrath

The Efficacy of Creating an Art Based Plant Terrarium as a "Living Altar" to Help Individuals Cope with the Loss of a Companion Animal, Sari Pace

Identifying Contemporary Feminist Awareness Through Art: The History and Role of Empowerment in a Proposed Feminist Art Therapy Working Model, Erika Pappas

Dance Movement and Narrative Art Therapy for Adolescent Girls: A Combined Treatment Approach, Lindsay Parkinson

A Survey of Sandplay Therapy Practices Among Licensed Psychotherapists, Melissa Sherman

The Utilization of Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy in a Support Group for Adults with Facial Disfigurement After Treatment of Cancer, Ornit R. Shoham

Using the Bridge Art Therapy Assessment to Measure Resiliency Levels in Latino Immigrants: A Review of the Literature, Vanessa Ventura

Examining the Effects of an Art Therapy Group on Resilience and Externalizing Problems with Sixth Grade Latino Males Transitioning to Middle School, Yesenia Villa

Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy and Stress Reduction with Veterans Living in Transitional Housing, Chanel R. Wittmershaus

Focus on Fatherhood: A Visual Journe Using Phototherapy Techniques With At-Risk Teen Fathers, Abby Zimberg

Theses/Capstones from 2012

Art Therapists Experiential Interview Using Art Therapy for Individuals with Autism, Melina Diana Antichevich

Smoking Cessation and Art Therapy: A Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness Approach to Quitting Cigarettes, Autumn Bayliss

Integrating Ecotherapy and Art Therapy to Foster Professional Identity Formation, Elizabeth A. Brandt

What is Family? Examining Polyamorous Families: Implications for Art Therapists, Jessie Craig

Playing Together: Using Art-Based Shared Creative Play to Promot Creative Engagement for Elders, Anne D. Danberg

A Qualitative Study Utilizing Grounded Theory: themes Expressed Throughout Art Therapy Interventions with Siblings of Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Patients, Lauren Emmett

Color and Emotions: Exploring How Middle-Aged Adults Associate Color and Emotion, Jamie Giannotti

Culturally Sensitive Art Therapy Group with Latina Adolescents, Priscilla Gomez

Using Idiomatic Expressions as a Stimulus for Art Therapy with Adolescents With Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism, Kristen Haney

Unfolding the Story of Creativity: A Narrative-Visual Approach to Understanding the Impact of Parents and Teachers on the Development fo Creativity, Amy K. Hill

"Just Like Us" A Mural Painting Project With Children Living at an Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter, Rachel Howard (Nova)

Understanding Parenting Styles, Parenting Satisfaction, and Bird's Nest Drawings of Chinese Immigrant and Euro-American Mothers, Susan M. Lindblade

Art Therapy in Hospice and Palliative Care Setting, Sheryl Llarena

Using Draw-A-Person in the Rain Projective Drawing Assessment in Measuring Resilience and Coping in Children, Maria Paull

Books of Grace: Participatory Action Research, Narrative Art Therapy, and Altered Book Making With Adult Members of Gracious Community Center, Creating Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Development and Change, Isa Reser

The Efficacy of Sandplay as an Art Therapy Intervention to Improve Communication Between Children With Autism and Their Familes, Julie Rittenmyer

Henna Serves as Visual Reminder for Goals or Tasks in an Art Therapy Session, Janali Savarimuthu

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy as a Means of Stress Reduction With Graduate Students, Liz Weiland

Normative Study of Art by Children on Autism Spectrum Age 2-14 Years: A Pilot Study, Cora Wood

Body Invasion: Cancer Survivorship and Quality of Life, Andrea M. Zihar

Theses/Capstones from 2011

The Use of Mandalas as a Developmental Assessment of Emerging Adulthood, Sara Barulich

Group Art Therapy to Reduce Stress in Aging and Elderly People with Intellectual Disabilities, Mandi Baughman

Honoring Mothers with Self-Car Through the Use of Art, Kathleen Dancing Brand