This is a collection of Art Therapy Master's Theses (1981 - 2015) from the time that the program was located at Notre Dame de Namur. The program moved to Dominican University of California in the Fall of 2021.

The theses listed here currently reside at the Archbishop Alemany Library and only available for use in the Library


Theses/Capstones from 2009

The Human Figure Drawing: A Survey of Art Therapists, Laura N. Rutledge

Integrating Art Theapy into Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Individual Treatment for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, Amy Schillinger

A Qualitative Art Therapy Group Study of Individuals Folding 1,000 Origami Cranes for Loved Ones, Kristyn Tanaka

New Perspectives of Self Through the Aperture: The Use of Photo-Art Therapy to Enhance Self-Esteem of Adolescents Lining in a Homeless Shelter, Mimi Mei Chi Tung

Theses/Capstones from 2008

Plaster Hand Casting With Adolescents as a Means of Building Identity, Julie Anderson

Utilizing an Identity-Based Art and Peer Group with At-Risk Youth: Supporting Identity Processes, Kelli Rae Avina

A Collective Group Art Intervention for Aggressive Adolescents to Increase Their Anger Control Skills, Miyuki F. Coirin

A Comparison of Art Material Preferences in Anorexia and Bulima Nervosa: A Survey of Clinicians, Alissa Garcia

Art Therapy, Communication and Emotional Expression: Exploring Joint-Drawing Directives with Couples, Kristina Goldbach

An Art Therapy Technique of Story Making: Sandplay Story Through Digital Comic Storytelling, Yulia M. Shin

Understanding the Natural Lives of Trees: Implications for Art Therapists, Nuquynhthi Velasquez

Theses/Capstones from 2007


Stained Glass at the Cutter's Edge, Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Theses/Capstones from 2006

Community Art Therapy Group Intervention for Adolescents Battling Eating Disorders, Yulia Agafonova

Using the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory-School Form, House-Tree-Person and Person Picking a Mango From a Tree in Salvadorian Children, Ana Enosensia De Ocampo

A Cross Cultural Study of Evil Eye Symbols and Amulets, Sharon Gobuty

Helping Sexually Abused Children by Supporting Their Parents, Sarina Hamer

Measuring Depression with the Hernandez Art Depression Assessment for Children: A Pilot Study Introducing a New Inventory to Measure Depression in Children with the Inclusion of Art Therapy, Marco Hernandez

Effective Art Interventions for Adult Immigrants, Wei Lin Ku

The Use of Group Art Therapy to Facilitate the Development of Identity with Adolescents in a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Sarah K. Moffitt

Increasing Empathy in Elementary School Age Children, Laura Purpura

Internal Locus of Control and Retablos: The Application of Art Therapy with HIV Positive Gay Men, Alberto Rangel

Using a Narrative Art Therapy Approach to Reduce Depression in Older Adults, Janet Ann Van Pelt

Using Art Therapy as an Intervention with Emotionally Disturbed Preschool Children, Katy Elizabeth White

Theses/Capstones from 2005

The Use of the Mandala as a Coping Strategy in Breast Cancer Patients, Tobey Allen

Life-Story Book Program: An Art Narrative Approach to Make a Life-Story Book of Japanese American Former Internees, Mio Yamashita Delorimier

Working the First Three Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in Art Therapy Groups with Female Substance Abusers, Stacey C. Dirzuweit

Significant Images of Mary, Donnamae Eachus

Patients Dealing With Terminal Illness Through the use of Creative Art Therapy, Christine Endo

Reasons for Living and Visual Construct Choices as Related to Suicide Risk of Inpatient Adolescents, June K. Gerteisen

Art Therapy Peer Support Group for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Children of Divorce, Karen Gibbons

The Ageless Current of Water, Mark Hudson

Reducing Stress: An Art Therapy-Based Group for Parents of Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Jane Y. Kim

The Grape Group: An After-School Therapeutic Art Group Designed to build Self-Esteem and Social Skills in Elementary School Children Who Have Learning Disabilities, Colleen M. Lewis

The Effect of Keeping a 30 Day Creative Journal by Art Therapy Students and Interns, Linda Powers

The Durga Project: A Narrative Approach to Art Therapy Groups with Adolescent Nepali Survivors of Forced Prostitution, Veronica C. San Chirico

God Images: A Graphic Documentary, Irene Marisa Schell

Narrative Art Therapy for Families That Have a Child With a Life-Threatening Illness, Andrea A. Seitz

Visual Preferences of Women with Postpartum Depression, Jennifer Tuepker

Health (Internal-External) Locus of Control in Patients With Soft Tissue Chronic Pain, and Treatment With Art Therapy, Shannon Warming

Comparitive Study of Persian Art of Garden and Field of Art Therapy, Shelia Zion

Theses/Capstones from 2004

Story, Symbol, and Metaphor in Art: Using Art Therapy to Facilitate Change in Dominant Client Narratives, Tanya Alexander

Measuring the Validity of the Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale to Assess for Anxiety in Middle School Aged Children, Susan Kleene Barnes

Measuring the Validity of F.E.A.T.S Using the Apple Tree Projective Drawing with Children Diagnosed with ADHA, Alice Locke Chezar

A Grant Proposal for Reflecting the Relationship: Using Partner Art Mirroring to Enhance Relationships, Juli Espinoza

The Masks of Mexico: Mexican-American's Relationship With Their Cultural Heritage and Self-Concepts, Tara F. Franklin

Using Art Therapy as a Tool for Rehabilitating Individuals With Prosopagnosia: Two Case Studies, Shauna Goodenough

The Art and Science of Art Therapy, Emily Heald

Projective and Self-Report Assessment tools Used to Assess for Eating Disorder Risk Factors in Young Women, Erika I. Hirsch

Asian American Identity Group: Using Art Therapy to Support Ethnic Identity Awareness for Second-Generation Asian American Adolescents, Vicky Huey

A Grant Proposal for an Art Therapy Program for Young Girls Focusing on INcreasing Self-Esteem and Reducing the Development of Eating Disorders, Jennifer Koegen