This is a collection of Art Therapy Master's Theses (1981 - 2015) from the time that the program was located at Notre Dame de Namur. The program moved to Dominican University of California in the Fall of 2021.

The theses listed here currently reside at the Archbishop Alemany Library and only available for use in the Library


Theses/Capstones from 2011

The Use of Madalas to Reduce Stress in a Homeless Shelter and A Correlation Study of Parent-Child Stress Levels and AVPT Image Choice, Coralia Cooper

Art Therapy: Couple Experience an Elevation of Mood Following Creating a Mandala Together, Patricia J. Doolittle

The Triple Spiral at Newgrange: Historical Research of its Signifigance and Implications for Art Therapy, Jacqueline Eaton

Original and Digital AVPT: An Art-Based Assessment Comparison Study, Catherine Pei-Fang Hsin

Coping Resources Among First Generation Korean-American Elders, Minhee Huh

Fostering Self-Esteem in Adolescent with Epidermolysis Bullosa: Group Art Therapy in Summer Camp, Jennifer Innes

Assessing Inmate Attachment Through the Bird's Nest Drawing: Art Therapy in a Correctional Setting, Lucas Patrick Ketelle

Multimedia Life Memories as Life Review for Alzheimer's Family Caregivers, Clara Joon-Hee Kim Hahn

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Enhance Quality of Life, Marise Lariviere

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy and Bookmaking to Promote Protective Resiliency of Children Living in a Homeless Shelter, Hyun A. Lee

The Application of Art Therapy's Scribble Drawing Art Directive in Grief Counseling With Adults, Jennifer F. Liu

Using Precision Grawing Tools with Men in Art Therapy, Jeremy H. Montieth

Pro-Active Social Skills (PASS) Program: Using Art Therapy, Positive Psychology, Skillstreaming, and Values in Action to Develop Positive Social Skills, Shanon Alana Murray

Pediatric Medical Art Therapy: A Grant to Implement an Art Therapy Position to an Existing Artist-In-Residence Program, Hayley D. Oggel

The Use of Photo Art Therapy to Increase Self-Esteem in Hispanic Adolescents, Janet Siegel

A Qualitative Study with Art Therapists on the Use of Art as Self-Care in Addressing Vicarious Trauma, Rachel A. Votaw

Theses/Capstones from 2010

A Study Exploring the Use of hte Person Picking an Apple Assessment and the Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale with Groups of Artists and Non-Artists, Jacquelynn Brooke Adams

Self-Esteem Enhancing Therapeutic Art Activities with Socioeconomicaly Disadvantaged Latency-Age Children, Patti L. Anastasi

Art Therapy and Lifebooks to Facilitate Foster Children's Grief Process, Angela Anderson

Art Therapy Group for Depressed Mothers in Substance Abuse Remission, Ashley Bart

Decreasing Anxiety and Depression Through Art Therapy with Self-Identified Adult Lesbians, Sonja Carrington

The Effect and Experience of Clearing a Space with Art on Stress Reduction in Sign Language Interpreters, Ari-Asha Castalia

At-Risk Adolescent Girls and Fostering Positive Self Identity: Creative Clothing Design as a Narrative Art Therapy Approach, Fei-Fei Chang

The Bicultural Identity Development (BID) Art Therapy Intervention with Hispanic Adults, Ariella Cook

Multicultural Competence in Art Therapy: A Pilot Survey, Joelle L. Crepsac

A Cross-Cultural Look at the Emotional Response to Color: Implications for the Field of Art Therapy, Kathryn Foley

Strength-Based Art Therapy Group for Teen Mothers, Sara Fryer

Navigating a Path to Multicultural Awareness and Sensitivity as an Art Therapist, Kerry A. Hogin

Art Therapy and Autism: Group and Individual Art Therapy to Enhance Social Skills in Children with ASD, Nissa Jackman

Native American Experience: The Circle as an Expression of Cultural Identity, Erin Kristine Lamon

Art Therapy with Minority Special Needs Children, Charice N. Mabry

Art with Heart's Chill & Spill Journal: A Cognitive-Behavioral and Narrative Approach to Art Therapy to Reduce Anxiety in Adolescent Siblings of Children with Cancer, Carrie Mulqueen

A Qualitative Heuristic Art Therapy Study of Biracial Vietnamese-European Americans and Identity Formation, Erica Doreen Orth

Preferred Symbols by Gay Men Utilizing the Arrington Visual Preference Test: A Jungian Based Construct, Constantino Sacasa

Healing from Eating Disorders: The Journey from Narrative Writing to Art Therapy, Stephanie Schultze

Rite of Passage and Art Therapist Identity Development: Awareness and Meaning, James L. Shurter

Just of Kids, A Bilingual Substance Abuse PRevention Program Using Art Therapy with 2nd adn 3rd Graders: Increasing Self-Esteem and the Potential to Identify Familial Substance Abuse, Stephanie M. Soto

Decreasing Anxiety, Improving Social Behavioral Issues and Fostering Resiliency Through CBT-Oriented Art Therapy with Homeless Children, Takako Uemura

The Role of Thematic Art Therapy in Quality of Life Issues with Older Adults Diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, Devora Weinapple

Theses/Capstones from 2009

The Experience of Open Cerami Studio as Art Therapy for Thsoe Who Have Suffered from Stroke or Other Acquired Disabilities, Barbara Bailey-Porter

Narrative Art Therapy with Adult Sibling Dyads, Sara Bulger

Does The Picture Fit the Diagnosis? A Comparison of an Art Therapy Assessment, A Person Picking an Apple From a Tree (PPAT) and Existing DSM IV-TR Diagnoses in Children with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities, Susan Cirillo

The Creation of Roadside Memorials: Art Therapy in Response to Sudden and Traumatic Loss, Kathy Dodge

Using the Feats With the Person Picking an Apple From A Tree Art Directive to Diagnose Depression in SEB/SBD Children Placed in Special Education Classrooms, K. Paige Donnell

Creating a Voice: An Art Therapy Group for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Angelena Gagliardi

Using Art Therapy to Express Family of Origin Issues for Developing Empathy with Couples, Jacqueline Lumer

Reflective Materials and the Use of Glitter in Art Therapy, Amber Dee Mazza

Expressing the Inexpressible Emotions of Grief and Loss Through Art and Poetry: A Twelve-Week Pilot Program for Grieving Adolescents, Leah Moreno

Memories in the Making: An Art Therapy Group for Individuals Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease or a Related Form of Dementia, Erin Lynn Morgan

Raising Self-Esteem in Adolescent Females Through the Use of Art Therapy and Storytelling, Raphaelle Lamoureux Novotny