This is a collection of Art Therapy Master's Theses (1981 - 2015) from the time that the program was located at Notre Dame de Namur. The program moved to Dominican University of California in the Fall of 2021.

The theses listed here currently reside at the Archbishop Alemany Library and only available for use in the Library


Theses/Capstones from 2016

Combating Self-Objectification and Nurutring Self-Concept: Art Therapy Interventions with Adolescent Girls, Susan Rothermel

Theses/Capstones from 2015

Perceived Effectiveness of Allopathic, Naturopathic, and Art Therapies for Treatign Adult Anxiety and Depression: A Comparative Analysis, Ashley E.B. Altmeyer

Accents in Visual Language: Correlating Language Script Directionality with Bridge Drawing Interpretations, Nava Attia-Benoit

Decreasing Postpartum Depression Using Process Oriented Art Therapy, Stephanie Balistreri

Greek Subculture, Fan-Based Art-Making, and Identity Development: Implications for Use in Art Therapy, Kathryn C. Bender

Military Uniform to hand-Made Paper: Potential Benefits of the Combat Paper Project, Jill E. Berryman

Increasing Relationship Satisfaction with Premarital Couples Using Art Therapy, Kristin Tai Clark

Dyadic Art Therapy and Stress Reduction, Sara Clement

An Object Relations Approach to LGBTQ Perspective of Self-Exploration Through Art, Brittany M. Dray

Increasgin Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in Fromerly Incarcerated Adult Women Using Narrative Art Therapy, Caitlyn Ehisen

Increasing Quality of Life in Cystic Fibrosis Adolescents Using Art Therapy, Jennifer Eng

Increasing Hope: Using Cognitive Behavioral Art Therapy and mindfulness with Patients with Chronic Pain, Catherine Louise Falkenhagen

Resolving Interpersonal Conflict Using an Art Therapy forgiveness Intervention, Sasha Georgeson

Using "Identity Tower":An Art Therapy Intervention for Increasing Perceived Social Identity in Workplace Groups, Julia Hammett

Exploring the Coming Out Experience Through Animal Self-portraiture, Spencer John Lethbridge Fredin

Viewing the AIDS Memorial Quilt: A Study on Empathic Attitudes and Behaviors, Social Advocacy and Art Therapy, Jeannie Star Olson

Increasing Self-Awareness in Women with Substance Abuse Disorders Utilizing Mindfulness Based Knitting in Group Art Therapy, Chelsea Owens

Increasing Communication with Couples Using Art Therapy, Jason Pierce

Art Therapy Trainee's Attitudes and Beliefs About Self-Care, Jennifer C. Priday

Eco-Art therapy's Effect on Existential Well-Being and Connectedness to Nature with Families Experiencing Bereavement, Faith Reyes

The Application of Mindfulness Based Art Therapy to Reduce Stress for Teachers, Melissa Jennifer Robinson

Exploring the Efficacy of Transpersonal Art Therapy in Fostering Postraumatic Growth with Young Adults Aging Out of Foster Care, Hope Schachter

Photography as Therapy: Reducing Chronic Stress in Women Experienceing Role-Overload, Christine M. Shea

A Study of How Art Therapy May Cause Reduction of Anxiety and Increase in Reminiscing in Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, Alexis Stephano

Pediatric Nurse Attitudes Towards Art Therapy and Mindfulness to Implement Self-care Practices, Sophia Stutes

Theses/Capstones from 2014

Art Therapy in Art Museums: Promoting Social Connectedness and Psychological Well-being of Older Adults, Rose Bennington

Art Therapy as a Tool to Increase Independent Peer Interactions in Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Christel S.G. Berry

Art Therapy in Schools: Reducing Anxiety in English Learning Learners, Christina Clampett

Ecopsychology, Mindfulness, and Art Therapy Interventions to Reduce Emotional Dysregulation in the Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) Population, Kasey L. Connors

An Art Therapy Program for Artists with Disabilities, Mariah Dancing

Art-Making in the Digital Age: Comparing the Use of Tablet Technology and Traditional Art Materials Among Studetns on the Autism Spectrum, Joleigh Davis-McBryan

Mindfulness Based Art Therapy Used to Facilitate Mindfulness and Promote Positive Coping Skills for Nurses Experiencing Occupational Stress and Related Symptoms, Frances Fazzio

GREAT: Open Studio Program to Assess and Treat PTSD in Veterans, Gretchen Gullicksen Grant

The Emergence of Critical Thinking in Children: A Cognitive-Behavioral Inquiry-based Art Therapy Program, Corinne Hajnik

The Difference in Self-Efficacy Between First Year and Final Year Graduate Students in Art Therapy Training, Ya-Wen Huang

The Impact of Response Art on Therapist Empathic Understanding: Drawing a Picture from a Client's Perspective, Alison Jackson

Using Art Therapy and TF-CBT to Reduce Anxiety adn Depression in Adolescents Who Have Sexually Offended, Kathryn King

Collage Art Therapy and Grief: How Art Therapy Can Improve Grief Symptoms and the Quality of Life for Adults in Bereavement, Lynne M. Prieto

Decreasing Social Isolation: Combining Narrative Therapy and Art Therapy in Supporting Veterans, Jose D. Rojales

Stories Unearthed: Clay therapy with Older Adults Using a Narrative Art Therapy Approach, Maria G. Sandidad

Art Therapy and Transition with Retirees: A Narrative Appoach with Altered Books, Liana J. Shaw

The Meaning of Art Therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy with Adolescents, Samantha Louise Tucker

Using Narrative Art Therapy to Explore Acculturative Stress Among First Generation Japanese Immigrant Women Married to U.S.-Born Spouses, Yasuno Yoshizawa

Theses/Capstones from 2013

Art Therapy and Movimeiento with Hispanic Youth, Alexis Nicole Aquino

Narrative Art Therapy with Career Counseling to Promote Insight and Decsion-making After Experienceing Job Loss, Sara J. Armstrong

Lifting the Voices of Second-Generation Latinos in the Community Through Film, Emily Claire Beirl

The Implications of TV and Screen Time on the Cognitive Development of Children and the Benefits of Partaking in Art Activities, Marie A. Binlot

Using Art Therapy with Impoverished Adolescents to Assist Them in Identifying and REdefining Their use of Defencse Mechanisms to Positiviely Impact Their Interactions in Multiple Environments, Alisa Cartner

Making Meaning of Diabetes Through Art Therapy: An Adjunct to Disease Management in Pediatric Youth, Christine Chanteloup

Journeys of Resilience: Awareness of Self-Strength and Coping in the Young Adult Alopecia Areata Population Through Madala Art Therapy, Heather Curtis