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Zoee Bartholomew


Teaching Poetry Through Dance
Vivian Delchamps


Applying the Age-Friendly Health Systems 4M Framework to Create Geriatric Education
S. Cotton, Gina Tucker-Roghi, S. M. Ross, and M Hasnain


First Born CEOs and Credit Ratings
June Woo Park, Giseok Nam, Albert Tsang, and Yung-Jae Lee


Digital Humanities in the iSchool
John A. Walsh, Peter J. Cobb, Wayne de Fremery, Koraljka Golub, Humphrey Keah, Jeonghyun Kim, Joseph Kipling'at, Ying-Hsang Liu, Simon Mahony, Sam G. Oh, Chris Alen Sula, Ted Underwood, and Xiaoguang Wang

*Updated as of 10/04/22.