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Advancing Global Health Outcomes Through International Collaboration & Education
Olivia Catolico, Leandra Wallace, Jane Anyango, and Kati Bell


Language, Communication, and Occupational Therapy Interventions
Leonard Abbeduto, Laura Greiss Hess, Julia L. Wilbarger, and Andrea McDuffie


Occupational Therapy on College Campuses: Facilitating Student Success Through Occupation
Kristy Coen, Carlin Daley, Kieran Lewis, Susan Madigan, Karen McCarthy, Clodagh Nolan, Áine O'Dea, Linda Reen, Liath Sheehan, and Orla Sullivan


On to California!
M. Patricia Dougherty and F. S. Parmisano


Dominican Sisters of San Rafael
M. Patricia Dougherty

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