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Dominican University’s mission provides a strong foundation for service-learning, a pedagogy that creates intentional links between academic education and community experience where each strengthens the other. Service-learning engages students, faculty, staff, and community partners in collaborative and responsive action, dialogue, and reflection to address community-identified needs, meet learning goals, expand our perspectives, and increase civic participation. In this way service-learning creates reciprocal benefits for all involved:

1. The University is able to live out its mission and enhance its role as a vital and active partner in the community;

2. Faculty are supported in connecting innovative teaching, research/scholarship, and community action;

3.The Marin County community benefits from the University resources (student power, library, educational opportunities, research networks) while contributing to the education of students;

4. Students gain self-awareness, practical skills, career-related experience, insight into the relevance of academic knowledge, a deeper understanding of their own personal impact, and an enriched capacity to become effective community builders.


Updated to Version 3 on 08-15-2018

  • Contains an updated version of the Service-Learning Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Rubric

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