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Background: The most common way of reading blood glucose (BG) levels in type II diabetics is by manually pricking one’s finger with a needle and measuring the glucose through a monitoring device. There has been an increased use in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) that permits clients to wear a sensor on their arm that simultaneously records glucose levels throughout the day and reports the results to a smartphone or monitoring device. Depending on the result and whether the patient is using insulin, it will determine how much medication will be administered. There is little research on the impacts of using CGM devices in conjunction with antihyperglycemic drugs in type II diabetics who live independently and are over age 65.

Objective: To examine devices that monitor BG continuously compared to devices that monitor BG with periodic finger sticks. The question arises: Are elderly patients with type II Diabetes who live independently and use these devices, disproportionately affected by hypoglycemic episodes induced by over-treatment with anti-diabetic drugs?

Literature Review: Research highlighted benefits of using CGM devices versus self-monitoring BG such as recording glucose levels at night, increased self-care behavior, and decreased hemoglobin A1C. Other factors may contribute to hypoglycemia such as physical exercise, prolonged fasting, and use of ACE inhibitors. There remains a knowledge gap in the impact that CGM devices have on independent type II diabetics who live independently.


Purpose: To gather data on prevalence of hypoglycemia in independent, type II diabetics ≥65 years old while using CGM devices and antidiabetic medications

Population: type II diabetics ≥65 years who live independently, use CGM devices, and antihyperglycemic medications

Study Design: Prospective Longitudinal observational study

Study Method: Survey

Clinical Significance:

Study intends to bring awareness of possible complications of using CGM devices in type II diabetics ≥65 who live independently.



Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2023


The Scholarly and Creative Works Conference, Dominican University of California


San Rafael, CA


Type 2 diabetes, older type 2 diabetics, continuous glucose monitors, hypoglycemia, and Free Libre Pro




This presentation was conducted in order to fulfill a nursing research requirement

Prevalence of Hypoglycemia Induced by Overtreatment in Elderly Type Two Diabetics Using Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors

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