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Background: The purpose of this investigation is to examine the effects of caffeine consumption on the nurse’s quality of life. It also will explore the relationship between caffeine consumption, nurses' clinical performance, and patient safety. Nurses often endure long hours with demanding tasks to ensure client health and safety. Long work shifts and low margins for error can be taxing, which could result in fatigue, poorer sleep, and increased risk for mistakes. Caffeine is an accepted and effective option for combating fatigue and boosting alertness short term. Questions arise about whether caffeine is beneficial or if consumption causes a decrease in the nurse’s clinical performance and safety over time.

Literature Review: A literature review was conducted to explore relationships between caffeine consumption, sleep, alertness, and education about caffeine usage. Primary articles, related to caffeine, nursing, sleep, fatigue, and alertness, were found using university databases. Overall patterns were found, including: a need for further education on high-energy drink usage; higher perceived stress and sleep disturbances with caffeine usage; and lower alertness levels with changes in sleep quality.

Proposed Study: The proposed study is a quantitative, comparative approach that will use an online self-reported survey to collect data. The targeted population includes working registered nurses. The sample involves 100 critical care nurses within Northern California’s Bay Area hospitals. There will be questions, using a numeric scale, about their background, demographics, caffeine consumption habits, sleep habits, perception of clinical performance, perception of work fatigue and stress, and perception of clinical safety. Descriptive and comparative statistics will be used to examine connections between caffeine consumption and perceptions of sleep, stress, fatigue, clinical performance, and patient safety.

Clinical Significance: Results of this investigation may have potential for increasing knowledge about relationships between nurses' quality of life, caffeine use, clinical performance and patient safety.



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The Scholarly and Creative Works Conference, Dominican University of California


San Rafael, CA


caffeine, nursing, nurses, alertness, fatigue, sleep, energy drinks, tiredness



Caffeine Usage and Effects on Quality of Life, Clinical Performance, and Safety Among Nurses

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