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Burn injuries are an existing risk factor of social impairment. The main priority of care for a burn patient includes the focus on pain management and wound care. However, scarce research has been studied on how to improve the psychological adjustment of burn victims. There is limited availability of evidenced based practice that is related to promoting a healthy social life after a burn. Without interventions to help re-engage burn victims with society, they will turn to negative coping mechanisms such as avoidance, isolation and distancing. The goal of this study is to enhance the social interaction of burn survivors during their recovery. This mixed method study aims to improve social impairment of burn victims in the Bay Area with the use of journaling. A pre and post test will be given, using the tool PROMIS-29, to acknowledge the psychological state of the burn victims before and after the journaling intervention. The sample size will include 100 participants that have been recruited through burn centers, burn units, in-patient hospitals and support groups. Participants will write journal entries each day for six weeks. The journal entries will be examined for similar themes and the results of this study will demonstrate the psychological wellbeing of the participants. In evaluation, the post test and journal entries will show the impact of the intervention of psychosocial ramifications. The literature suggests that there is no reason to focus on the psychological dynamic of burn victims. This study will identify interventions that progress the development of psychological dynamics and ability to interact in society of burn victims in the Bay Area. This study will provide evidenced based practice that can be used to further the research of burn survivors.



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The Scholarly and Creative Works Conference, Dominican University of California


San Rafael, CA


Burns, Psychosocial


Nursing | Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Improving the Psychosocial Effects of a Burn Injury