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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science

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Lisa Ray, PhD

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Debra Polack, MA


Being an effective classroom manager is a key component to successful teaching. Research has indicated that teachers are not satisfied with their credential program preparation in the areas of classroom and behavior management. The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a correlation between the amount of management preparation teachers receive in their credential programs and their perceived confidence and preparedness in the classroom. Also, this study sought to discover if supplemental training was beneficial for beginning and experienced teachers. The review of literature presented some common themes within this area of research: the importance of classroom and behavior management, teacher dissatisfaction with their knowledge of management strategies, and how lack of these management strategies influences teacher job satisfaction. The researcher anonymously surveyed 31 general education teachers and conducted a reflective analysis of the 28 participants’ responses. The analysis revealed that although many participants were not satisfied with their initial training, they do feel prepared and confident when managing their classrooms. The variables that may influence teachers’ preparedness and confidence are discussed.

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