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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science

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Elizabeth Truesdell PhD

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Madalienne F. Peters, EdD

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Elizabeth Truesdell, PhD


Parents/Guardians/Caregivers of students with special needs are often at a loss as how to help their child be successful within the public school system. Communication is the key towards developing any form of path to success; however, the PGC of students with special needs are often limited, or at a loss as how to communicate these demands to the teachers and/or the district administration.

The purpose of this study is to enlighten the guardians of the numerous services that are available either at a school or district level within a suburban K-12 education system. Each district varies with the services they provide the guardians and students as a result of their funding limitations. According to scholarly research, despite the lack of federal funds, there are still a plethora of services PGC that can assist PGC’s advocacy level, in order to help their child be successful. There are selections of these services that are directly designed to help adults better understand the special education system and the vernacular associated with each service.

Parents/guardians and caregivers, regardless of a student’s learning ability, should be aware of the services and options available if it is in the child’s best interest within the public education system. Therefore, with the data compiled through this study, the researcher hopes to install a better form of communication between the home and school.

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