Submission Guidelines for Honors Theses

Who Can Submit

Honors Theses only publishes materials created by the faculty, staff, and students of Dominican University of California. For additional information, please contact


How to Submit a Paper

Make sure your paper is in an acceptable document format. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is the preferred document type, however, we can accept papers formatted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx).

Formatting for the University

All theses and capstones are required to conform to the University’s Thesis and Capstone Project Style Guide ( If you have questions or need assistance with formatting your paper to meet the guidelines please contact the University’s Scholarly Communications Librarian at

Formatting for Accessibility

Authors are responsible for formatting their papers for accessibility and ease of use with assistive technology (e.g. screen readers). If you would like help with accessible formatting please contact the University’s Scholarly Communications Librarian at

Create an Account

You’ll need to create a Dominican Scholar account to upload your paper. We suggest, when creating your account, that you use a personal email address rather than your Dominican email. This email address will not be made public or shared. A personal email allows the Dominican Scholar administrator to contact you in the future should there be a question about your paper. Additionally, you’ll receive a monthly download report and access to an author dashboard.

Uploading your Paper

Once you’ve created your account you can upload your paper. Once you have accepted the Submission Agreement fill out the required fields of the deposit form. If you have multiple authors on your work include an email address, name, and institution for each author.


Embargoes place a delayed release on your work. The metadata for your work will be visible, however your paper will not be available. An author can place up to a 3 year embargo on their work.

Keywords and Disciplines

When depositing your paper please include up to 6 keywords or phrases separated by a comma in the Keyword field of the deposit form. Keywords will improve the discoverability of your paper web-based searches.

Also please choose at least one discipline (aka subject heading) that describes the major themes of your work. You may choose more than one discipline but please don’t include too many. 3 – 5 disciplines is normal.

Signature Pages

For papers requiring them, signature pages will be generated by Dominican Scholar and attached to theses automatically upon deposit of the thesis.

Faculty Permission

All student-authored papers submitted to Dominican Scholar require permission from the supervising faculty member (e.g. thesis advisor or class instructor)

After Your Paper has been Deposited

Once a paper has been received it will be reviewed for formatting, accessibility, and use of third-party copyrighted materials. If third-party copyrighted materials are used in your thesis or capstone (e.g. photographs, surveys, full-length poems) the author will need to obtain permission letters before the paper is accepted and published

Papers will be published after the last day of finals and once your thesis advisors have given their approval. You will be notified by email when the paper is posted.