Thesis Title

Classroom Facilities and Their Impact on Learning

Graduation Date

Spring 1997

Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Degree Name

Master of Science

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This study explores teachers’ perceptions of classroom facilities and how they have been affected by class size reduction. The intent is to reveal if the quality of classroom facilities have an effect on teaching and learning. A review of the research indicates that the size and the content of a classroom are factors in the establishment of a facility suitable for quality teaching and learning to take place.

The research included twelve teacher participants. Six of the teachers were first year teachers, and the other six were experienced teachers. The twelve teachers worked within three different districts and eight different schools. All participants of this study completed a questionnaire and then had an informal follow-up interview to clarify answers given on the questionnaire.

The results showed that some teachers are placed in facilities that do not have the space, privacy, and instructional equipment needed in all classrooms. This effects how lessons are presented and activities are carried out, how much time is spent dealing with noise and other distractions, and how much access students have to technological advances. The implications of these findings indicate that class-size reduction has had an affect on the ability for districts to provide adequate instructional facilities for all classes.

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