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Occupational Therapy


In order to further explore the circumstances of falls in the City of Novato’s older adults age 60 and over Novato Fire Protection District (NFPD) partnered with Dominican University Occupational Therapy Department to conduct a study with the support of County of Marin Mental Health Services Act funds. The following were the goals of this study:

  1. Identify fall risk factors in community-dwelling older adults.
  2. Understand the experiences of older adults who have fallen.
  3. Determine whether there is a relationship between falls and depression in older adults.
  4. Examine first responder experiences with fall-related calls in older adults.
  5. Identify approaches to prevent falls in older adults.

Data sources included Patient Care Reports (PCRs) completed by EMS first responders with narratives coded by the researchers, two focus groups conducted with older adults living in adult care facilities, telephone interviews with four older adults residing at home in the community and a focus group with NFPD first responders.