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Evidence reveals that visual processing speed decreases with age. The Motor-Free Visual Perception Test- Third Edition (MVPT-3) has an age-normed Response Time Index that measures visual processing speed. In 2015, a new version, Motor-Free Visual Perception Test- Fourth Edition (MVPT-4), was published. The new MVPT-4 does not yet demonstrate its utility in measuring visual processing speed. The purpose of this study was to explore if differences in visual processing speed between younger adults ages 20-35 years and older adults ages 70 years and older could be detected using the new MVPT-4. Results revealed a significant difference between older and younger adults’ time to complete the MVPT-4 (p <.05). This pilot study demonstrated that the MVPT-4 may be able to detect age-related changes in visual processing speed and therefore, a possible clinical tool for occupational therapists.


Occupational Therapy

Faculty Advisor

Kitsum Li, OTD, OTR/L, CSRS

Publication Date

Fall 2017


San Rafael, CA


vision, visual processing, driving, Motor-Free Visual Perception Test


Geriatrics | Occupational Therapy

Age-Related Changes in Visual Processing Speed: A Pilot Study Using the Motor-Free Visual Perception Test- 4 (MVPT-4)