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Older adults (OAs) over the age of 65 are the fastest growing age group in the United States. They are also the fastest growing population of Internet users as they use the Internet to access health information related to optimizing independence, productivity, and social engagement. Although there is an abundant amount of information available that is devoted to healthy aging, the validity of the information can be questionable and the information may be confusing.

Dominican University of California’s (DUC) Healthy Aging website contains relevant and evidence-based research, including activities and local community based programs that promote healthy aging. To expand the website, a literature-based needs assessment was conducted, which indicated, the value of health promotion materials that foster of emotional and physical wellness and encourage a safe and active lifestyle in and outside of the home. Specifically, new topics such as “Living Safely Inside and Outside of Home,” “Local Events,” “Emotional Wellness,” “At Your Fingertips,” “Apps You Can Use,” and “ Position, Movement, & Ergonomics” have been added to enhance the DUC Healthy Aging website. The DUC Healthy Aging website is very beneficial to both OAs and health profession majors because it is highly accessible and provides resources and information regarding health promotion and prevention behaviors to live a productive lifestyle.


Occupational Therapy

Faculty Advisor

Susan Morris, Ph.D., OTR/L

Publication Date

Fall 2017


San Rafael, CA


Healthy Aging, Aging, Older Adults, Quality of Life, Occupational Therapy, Emotional Wellness, Home Safety, Ergonomics


Community Health | Geriatrics | Interprofessional Education | Occupational Therapy


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Healthy Aging Website: Providing Online Occupation Based Information