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Kiss Me


It was the last weekend of the year and this party was in full flow. Beer pong, quarters and stupid card games were all going on in the different rooms of the house. Maia was alone wandering through the party until she see saw a girl dancing the middle of the floor. She was brunette, tall, and obviously drunk. She was dancing by herself to a Zedd song. Shaking her hips to the beat and to constant crowd encouragement. As Maia stood watching the girl she became memorized. The girl looked in her direction flashing beautiful green eyes and a cute smile. As Maia continued to watch, she noticed some guys that she recognized from a frat party say, “Kelsey is so drunk I may just have to take her home tonight.” The comment made Maia want to slap the guy, but she knew better instead she decided to help the poor girl out and joined her on the dance floor. Once the girl had realized she was there she began to move closer to Maia putting her hands on her shoulders and rubbing down her arms. The sensation caused butterflies to fill Maia’s body. At the end of the song the girl tried to grabbed Maia’s hips to pull her close but instead Maia pulled the girl from the center of the dance floor. The boys booed and tried to stop them but Maia managed to maneuver the girl out of the room into another room that she knew wouldn’t be open to guests.


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