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Excerpt from Jaki's Tale


We cooked macaroni and cheese. It was the perfect time to have a girls’ night. Candace loved to stir the block of butter, milk and packaged cheese in the pot once I finished draining it.

“Okay,” she grunted. “It’s done, Mommy.”

She walked over to the sink and washed her hands. I plucked a noodle from the pot and licked the cheese from my fingertips.

“Get the lemonade,” I told her.

I picked up the pot and separated it into three bowls while Candace filled two glasses with lemonade. “Grab some napkins.”

“I got them,” she answered. “Come on. It’s starting!”

“Okay, okay.”

I scraped out the last of the macaroni and tossed the pot in the sink. I quickly picked up two bowls of macaroni.

“Do you have forks?” I called, skidding across the foyer in my socks.

“Yeah!” Candace answered from the living room.

Candace knelt on the floor in front of the coffee table. The TV displayed the first episode of the Gilmore Girls marathon.


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