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Futile Attempts


I don’t know why I remember waking up one morning, and getting ready to go to the mall when I was five years old. The morning started just as so many others had. I crawled out of my bed, reluctant to leave the warmth, and comfort, it provided. Soon after I made it over to the dresser, where I found an outfit to wear. The shirt and pants I put on were indicative of a child’s wardrobe. These items were not unique, or original, by any means. Having put on traditional children’s clothes I then moved onto adorning myself with an item much more appealing to my young self. It was not another article of clothing, such as a sweater, or bracelet, but rather a costume, a lion one, to be specific. I wore my coveted lion costume above, cheap, and made of low quality fabric, this costume, complete with tail, and mane head piece, was by far my most prized possession, and thus what I wore most often.


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