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8 Weeks


I get to his office tired. My prefect dark ringlet curls dripping wet from the rain. I start to his office not paying attention to the fact that his secretary is trying to stop me.

“Miss Brown,” his secretary is saying, “he is on a conference call right now. If you wait I can let him know you are here.”

“I don’t have time to wait David.”

“Miss Brown,” he shouts at me, but I am already at the door to Joe’s office.

As I walk in, I swallow hard.

“So we are going to build this building in stages,” he looks up and stops what he is saying maybe it is the fact that I am a mess or the expression on my face. “Liah, what’s wrong.”

“I am, I am…” I can’t say the words. My beautiful blue eyed blonde architect boyfriend is standing, waiting for me to tell him why I had been crying and why I am scared and I can’t say anything.


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