Graduation Year


Document Type

Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Arts

Primary Major

Social Justice

Second Major


Primary Minor


Thesis Advisor

Emily Wu, PhD

Community Partner(s)

Youth Transforming Justice, The Marin County Public Defender's office, Marins Community School, and Next Generation Scholars


My senior thesis project delves into Restorative Justice's role in addressing the school-to-prison pipeline in Marin County. Restorative Justice prioritizes repairing the harm caused by crime to individuals, relationships, and communities, advocating for offenders to take responsibility and make amends rather than solely facing punishment (Restorative Justice Exchange, 2022). My capstone aims to pinpoint factors driving student exclusion from schools and subsequent entanglement in the legal system while highlighting how restorative approaches can prevent such outcomes. Additionally, it discusses the benefits of removing police officers from schools and reducing reliance on law enforcement within educational settings. My research will use a community-engaged methodology; I want to listen to and understand the community stakeholder perspectives through interviews and engagement. Their perspectives are crucial because of their direct involvement in the Restorative Justice practices currently happening in Marin County.

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