Graduation Year


Document Type

Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Arts

Primary Major

Social Justice

Primary Minor

Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Second Minor

Political Science

Thesis Advisor

Jennifer Lucko, PhD

Community Partner(s)

Women Helping All People


For generations, the African American community has faced many forms of housing discrimination that have created major inequalities in their everyday lived experiences (Lockwood, 2020). This study explores the long-lasting effects of discriminatory housing policies in creating disparate housing conditions within the public housing community in Marin City called Golden Gate Village, as well as the role of the Marin Housing Authority in practices of displacement and neglect. The methodology for the study included seven different interviews with Golden Gate Village residents to obtain knowledge about the community as well as grasp an understanding of the lived experiences of the community members. The findings from the research demonstrate that discriminatory housing policies have caused the residents of Golden Gate Village to form a close and strong community for survival throughout generations. In addition, the findings illustrate how the practices of the Marin Housing Authority that make housing less accessible to the residents and lead to displacement negatively impact the sense of community in Golden Gate Village. These practices include a mixed income housing plan that would displace some of the current low-income residents, the skipping of section 8 vouchers from the Marin City area code, and the over housing and subsequent eviction of Golden Gate Village residents. In addition, the Marin Housing Authority’s active neglect of Golden Gate Village has led to various inadequate housing conditions among the community that negatively impact the resident's everyday experiences in their homes. Despite generations of neglect and efforts to displace residents of Golden Gate Village, Black people in Marin City have formed a strong, tight knit community as a means to combat the oppressive and discriminatory housing practices that they have experienced throughout the years.