The service-learning program provides training, resources and support for faculty, students and community partners. We strive to foster intentional, collaborative, learning relationships with and between all stakeholders and to support the broader University-wide culture of community engagement that contributes to student success and prepares students to be engaged citizens in the global society.

The undergraduate student scholarship in this collection has been identified by Service-Learning course instructors as exemplary work.


Submissions from 2019


Addressing Homelessness Through Religion, Brian Nguyen


The Pursuit of Salvation, Krystal Joy Ragasa

Submissions from 2018


Open Ears, Open Mind, Open Heart: Active Listening, Mia Nguyen

Submissions from 2014


Ethics in Education, Rena Chan

Submissions from 2013


Building up a Community by Empowering Disadvantaged Youth, Sophia De Quattro