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Senior Thesis (Campus only Access)

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Bachelor of Arts


Humanities and Cultural Studies

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Chase B. Clow, PhD

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Gay Lynch, PhD


Birthing traditions that take place during childbirth are practices that are culturally developed to guide the childbirth process. These ever-evolving practices, which are determined by the beliefs,values, and customs of the people, comprise a daily miraculous occurrence in every society. Westernized medicine is one approach to the health care system, aiming to improve the overall health and wellness of patients. Because Western medicine is scientifically based, many believe it to be superior to other practices. Being aware of a patient’s own cultural identity and views by practicing cultural competence, effectively delivers health care services that meet the needs of patients. Educating and training healthcare personnel about cross-cultural birthing traditions initiates positive change within delivery settings. This paper investigates different cultural beliefs and practices associated with childbirth. Embracing cultural sensitivity and cultural competence in health care facilities has the potential to inspire Westernized medicine, for such sensitivity and competence honor and respect cross-cultural beliefs and values.

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