Graduation Date


Document Type

Senior Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Communication and Media Studies

Department or Program Chair

Bradley Van Alstyne, MA

First Reader

John Duvall, PhD


This project is about children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and the tools they use to communicate with others. I touch on the ways parents can help their children at home and how they can assist their child to talk even if they are told they will never do so. Discussed in the paper are the various methods of communication including PECS, the QWERTY keyboard, and mobile applications. These can be used on an iPad, iPhone, smartphone etc. The nutritional benefit of some foods for children with autism is also a contributing factor of how they act. Eating foods such as gluten, casein, and dairy have shown to bring about an increase in outbursts for a child with autism. I review some of the methods to boost a child’s communication skill at a young age and go over methods of communication that you can do at home without purchasing an app or using a keyboard, or picture exchange communication system. Some parents decide to go a different route altogether and decide to use homeopathic methods of helping their child succeed. It is essentially the family’s decision of what works best for their child. I have found it to be a lot of trial and error deciding what method to use with an autistic child. It really is what is best for your family and most importantly what is best for their child.