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Document Type

Senior Thesis (Campus only Access)

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Bachelor of Arts


Humanities and Cultural Studies

Department or Program Chair

Chase Clow, PhD

First Reader

Sandra Chin, MA


Due to the arts being cut back at schools across the country, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art developed an arts education program geared towards 4th and 5th grade students in Sonoma, California. This museum’s education program places skilled and experienced teaching artists into the classrooms to engage students in critical thinking and creative expression through hands on experiential learning. The project-based activities are focused around a current museum exhibit while integrating public school curriculum, California Visual and Performing Arts Framework and Common Core Standards. The intention of my capstone project is to develop a clear, concise procedure manual that supports the museum education program to run at a higher level of efficiency. Prior to writing this step-by-step manual, I viewed this program through the lens of (1) a parent whose children participated in the program, (2) a teaching artist assistant, and (3) as the museum’s program coordinator. Additionally, I researched various methodologies of what goes into writing a cohesive manual and studied several experimental learning models. As a result of my research, I was able to compile a detailed step-by-step manual that does the following: (1) provides a detailed overview of the program, (2) offers recommendations on how to run the program at a higher efficiency rate, (3) acts as a communication tool between museum staff and teaching artists, and (4) aids prospective grant and scholarships writing. It is my hope that this extensive manual will help inspire additional art education programs for the museum: ones that will provide imagination, invention, and a connection to self, others and other cultures.

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