Graduation Date


Document Type

Senior Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Humanities and Cultural Studies

Department or Program Chair

Chase B. Clow, PhD

First Reader

Gay Lynch, PhD


Based on the vast amount of truth theories that have been suggested by a myriad of thinkers from various disciplines, it can be inferred that the question of truth has occupied humankind since the beginning of its existence. Even though some of these theories appear more promising than others, it also seems that every suggested answer poses yet further questions about what truth really is. This seemingly endless stream of debates and contradictory theories further indicates that the nature of truth remains an enigma and subject to interpretation. Reflecting on Dominican University’s Latin motto “Veritas Fax Ardens” (Truth Is a Flaming Torch), this thesis explores the nature and subjectivity of truth in the form of narrative nonfiction. In particular, this creative work asks what truth is, and how different thinkers from disciplines such as philosophy, religion, science, and literature approach the question of truth. Lastly, it is also a reflection of my academic journey, which led me to believe that truth might be as variable as the flickering light of a flaming torch.