Graduation Date


Document Type

Senior Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Communication and Media Studies

Department or Program Chair

Bradley Van Alstyne, MA

First Reader

Mairi Pileggi, PhD


Studying music and its evolution in a society can give researchers a clue about the culture of a group of people as a whole. I believe that studying the way that music is shared is an integral part of this. In my research, I explored the historical roots of the digitization of music, while simultaneously examining the evolution of social media networks and their role in music sharing. Through my research, I gained an understanding of the flow of music exchange in today’s society by identifying the current, dominant social media and music streaming platforms and examining how each platform is being used, especially in regards to promoting smaller, up-and-coming artists and artist communication with fans. By studying the historical background of music digitization and the different social media and music streaming platforms, my ultimate goal was to determine the impact social media has had on the music industry, and to attempt to paint a picture of the future of music sharing.