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Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Science



Department or Program Chair

Andrea Boyle, PhD

First Reader

Olivia Catolico, PhD, MS, RN, CNL, BC


Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) poses a significant health risk to patients on mechanical ventilation in hospital intensive care units (ICU). It is the responsibility of the nurse to implement VAP bundle interventions to decrease the prevalence of VAP in mechanically ventilated patients. The objective of the study was to measure nurse perception of adherence to VAP bundle interventions of oral hygiene, head-of-bed elevation, spontaneous breathing trials, daily sedation vacations, and peptic ulcer and deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis. A descriptive study involving a sample population of 28 ICU nurses at 3 hospitals in northern California was conducted. A 57-item questionnaire was developed to gather data on the degree to which VAP bundle interventions were implemented by the ICU nurses. All but one nurse reported implementing VAP bundle interventions in accordance with hospital policy. Self-reported nurse perception of adherence to VAP bundle interventions was considered met for 68% of the sample population. Self-reported adherence to VAP bundle interventions indicated nurses were appropriately implementing them in accordance with hospital policy/guidelines. More critical examination of VAP bundle hospital protocol is needed in order to identify areas for improvements in nursing practice.