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Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Science



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Andrea Boyle, PhD

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Olivia Catolico, PhD, MS, RN, CNL, BC


Bed rest is defined as confinement to bed and restriction of activity. In the clinical setting bed rest includes strict bed rest, strict bed rest in Trendelenburg position, bed rest with bathroom privileges, and up ad lib (Irion, Irion, Lewis & Giglio, 2012). Bed rest has been the standard treatment for over the past 30 years in preventing preterm birth and complications arising from high-risk pregnancy despite the lack of evidence to support its safety and effectiveness for the mother and fetus (Maloni, 2010). The purpose of this literature review and critique is to provide information about the adverse physiologic and psychological effects of bed rest and introduce studies using an alternate treatment of exercise for this high risk population with positive results.