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Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Humanities and Cultural Studies

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Chase Clow, PhD

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Mairi Pileggi, PhD


There are more slaves today than at any other time in human history. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are more than 40 million slaves worldwide. This paper accompanies a 6-part webinar series of the same title that explores how gender inequality, capitalism, and pornography are driving a $99 billion illegal industry. The paper begins by defining what human trafficking is and includes both forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Six primary forms of human trafficking are explored, including domestic servitude, bonded labor, child slavery, sex trafficking, and forced marriage. Next, the paper explores who the victims of trafficking are and where they are trafficked. The role of gender inequality is examined in-depth for greater insight into the vulnerability of women and girls—who make up the overwhelming majority of human trafficking victims worldwide. Women and girls are not inherently vulnerable, but made vulnerable through education, economic, and environmental injustice and systemic discrimination. The role of pornography is also explored in-depth and the link between men who buy sex, pornography, and forced prostitution is well established. A number of studies, and reports are included. Signs of human trafficking are detailed and resources for accessing support, information, and ways to get involved in anti-trafficking efforts are listed.

Sex At Any Cost Episode One_What Is Human Trafficking.mp4 (67429 kB)
What Is Human Trafficking?

Sex At Any Cost Episode Two_Where Are Victims Being Trafficked.mp4 (55665 kB)
Where Are Victims Being Trafficked?

Sex At Any Cost Episode Three_Who Are The Victims Of Human Trafficking.mp4 (43447 kB)
Who Are The Victims Of Human Trafficking?

Sex At Any Cost Episode Four_Traffickers Grooming And Maintaining Control.mp4 (61143 kB)
Traffickers, Grooming & Maintaining Control

Sex At Any Cost Episode Five_Purchasers Pornography And Forced Prostitution.mp4 (80599 kB)
Purchasers, Pornography & Forced Prostitution

Sex At Any Cost Episode Six_Red Flags Of Human Trafficking.mp4 (74210 kB)
Red Flags Of Human Trafficking