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Senior Thesis

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Jordan Lieser, PhD

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Jordan Lieser, PhD


At the present, there is minimal scholarly research on the origin story of Bay Area hip-hop to compliment the various articles and books authored by hip-hop experts and artists. The consensus that emerges from the existing secondary literature is that hip-hop originated on the East Coast and later emerged on the West Coast with its own unique style. These accounts, while well documented, only include a few mainstream figures and styles related to the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. Looking past mainstream hip-hop, this study pieces together the origins of Bay Area hip-hop through both mainstream and underground key figures of the West Coast such as E-40, Too $hort, and Keak Da Sneak, and how it shaped present day Bay Area hip-hop culture. The study will incorporate previously unused primary sources such as local magazines and interviews of Bay Area hip-hop DJs to create a more comprehensive understanding of Bay Area hip-hop’s creation and development.