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This piece was created using a combination of the fennel, black walnut, and prickly pear dyes. I began to think of my pieces as representing the past, present, and future. This fourth piece can be thought of as an amalgamation of all three. The coordinates are those of a spot in the middle of Sonoma County, and represent the culmination of my work.

38° 34' 40” N, -122° 59' 19” W

The process of creating these pieces involved the collection of plants to create natural dyes. The linen tapestries were then dipped repeatedly into dye baths to produce the various tonal landscape effects. The coordinates to the plant collection sites, and settings which held meaning in relation to the plant, were then plotted topographically. The topographic lines were then embroidered onto the fabric and encased in embroidery hoops, highlighting the significance of the locations.


24" X 40"


Handmade Dye from Collected Black Walnut, Fennel, and Prickly Pear dyes, Ferrous Sulfate, Linen Embroidery Hoop, Embroidery Thread, Copper Pipe


Matthew Garcia, MFA