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Artist's Statement

For my show, I am going to be displaying my soda tab creatures, photographs of those creatures, packaging, an instruction booklet, and a bag where people can place tabs in. People will pick up my creatures and play with them as a young child would play with their toys. They will also to look at my photos and see how much fun it is to play with them. I want them to start taking off the tabs of their soda cans and being to fasten them into creatures of their own. Through this thesis, I want to bring back the creativity that all of us keep hidden inside of us. By interacting with my soda tab creatures people will rediscover their creativity by stretching their imaginations and come up with various ways in which soda tabs can create different things. Repurposing something into a new art form.


5.5 " W x 5.5" D x 9.5" H


Steven Polacco, MFA

Template for Soda Tab Creatures Box.png (1523 kB)
Template for Soda Tab Creature Packaging