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Does Someone's Personality Determine Their Favorite Sport?


Guzman Lecture Hall Poster #12

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4-23-2015 6:30 PM

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4-23-2015 7:30 PM

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Afshin Gharib, Ph.D.

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Poster Presentation


The study will attempt to find the correlation, if any, between one's personality and their favorite sport. The hypothesis will be that extroverts will like team sports, such as soccer, football, and basketball, while introverts will like individual sports, such as golf, tennis, and track. In one article comparing the Big Five personality dimensions in those who do and do not participate in risky sports (Tok, 2011), there were several personality differences between participants and non-participants of risky sports, such as thus agreeing with the hypothesis. In another article comparing one's personality to one's participation in fantasy sports, there were also several differences between those who participated in fantasy sports, their personality, and their gender (Lee, 2011). While extroverts are more outgoing and talkative, introverts are quiet and shy, thus it is hypothesized that extroverts will like contact or team sports while introverts will like individual or non-contact sports. Facebook, email, and students recruited from classes were used. SurveyMonkey was used to distribute the consent form and the survey. 150 participants took the survey with 64% being female. The Facebook link and email link will lead to SurveyMonkey. Demographic questions will include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, age, and gender. Questions regarding one’s favorite sport(s) will be asked before the Big Five questionnaire. Participants will be asked if they play sports, and whether the sports they play are team or individual sports. They will also be asked if they like to watch team or individual sports. The measure that will be used is the Big Five Personality Trait questionnaire (John, 1991) to see whether extroverts like team sports and introverts like individual sports. It is also hypothesized that males will be more likely to be sports fans and those who score higher in openness to experience would be more likely to be fans of risky sports.

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Does Someone's Personality Determine Their Favorite Sport?

Guzman Lecture Hall Poster #12