Elevation for the Dust Pollution of the Construction Works in Taichung County

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts




As we know, air pollution has become one of the most serious environment problems in metropolitan areas. According to a recent domestic report, the major reasons for the worsening of air quality of Taiwan’s metropolitan area are the exhaust of moving vehicles and the dust from construction sites. After reacting with the sunlight, the air pollution even results in unexpected secondary pollutants. Therefore, all levels of environmental protection organizations are aggressively taking various pollution prevention measures. However, the fast development of the economy, the dramatic increase of gas/fuel consumed, the prosperousness of industry, the increase of making use of transportation, and the rapid growth of construction projects, have inevitably made the discharge of air pollutants increase significantly. As a result, the efforts in the prevention of air pollution are set off or even less than the increase of air pollution. Thus, in order to elevate the quality of our people’s living environment, the most urgent work to do is to speed up the improvement of air quality. In the metropolitan area, the source of air pollution is from the process of construction works. Among the pollutants, the subject of dust pollution resulting from the materials, such as soil, gravel, stone, etc. used in construction works especially critical and deserves our attention.

In Taiwan, the recent fast development of business and industry triggered the development of various public projects. Among the projects, construction works are in the leading position. However, many pollution incidents accompany the construction work. No matter the type of construction works are, they have significant influence. During the construction process, they require the input of great number of manpower, materials, and machinery. They also take long time to go through various work processes before they are finished. However, the air pollution issue accompanying during the construction process has serious negative influence on environment quality.

In Taiwan, different areas have different wind speed, amount of rainfall, and geographical conditions; and they have different degrees of influence on the dust discharge rate of construction works. To impose a fair air pollution late on air pollution producers, dust discharge rate must be taken into consideration. The issue also needs to be studied. With a view to this, this research is to study the features of dust discharge in the construction works of Taichung County and the related regulations in order to provide references for the formulation of related controlling measures of competent environmental protection organization with relevant decision making power.

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