A collection of undergraduate senior theses authored by Political Science & International Studies students at Dominican University of California.


Theses/Capstones from 2018

America’s Contradictions: Looking at the Effects American Exceptionalism on American Institutions and Politics, Akayle Williams

Bread, Freedom & Social Justice: Colonialism’s Effect on Democratization in the Arab World, Salma Abdulkader


Egypt's Perilous Journey, David Nguyen


Keep it 100: Do the First 100 Days Really Matter?, Hallie Balch

Mission Impossible? The Likelihood of Democracy in Iran, Natalia Chamaki


Nationalize or Localize: Senatorial Incumbent and Challenger Differences in Issue Prioritization, Joshua Rosenberg

Theses/Capstones from 2017


Is Community Based Policing the Answer? Yemen’s Fight against AQAP, Maximilian Kaehler


Presidential Campaigns and Social Networks: How Clinton and Trump Used Facebook and Twitter During the 2016 Election, Jack Davis

The Diaspora Impact on the Ethiopian 2015-16 Protests: Ethiopia’s Institutional and Social Progress, Tegist Worku

The Domestic Conditions and Influences of U.S. Foreign Aid on Guatemala Emigration, Monica Spohn

Vladimir Putin: A Profile into Dictatorship, David Enriquez

Theses/Capstones from 2015


Looted Antiquities: Economic Opportunity for Terrorists, Vanessa Hanson