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Capstone Project

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Master of Science in Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Program Chair

Julia Wilbarger PhD, OTR/L

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Julia Wilbarger PhD, OTR/L


A sensory diet is an occupational therapy (OT) intervention strategy. Sensory diets are specifically designed to meet a child's sensory integration needs. Sensory diets are not standardized among practitioners and there are a limited number of resources available for individuals that do not have a clinical background. The lack of easy to understand resources for parents and caregivers creates several barriers for occupational therapists working with families with children experiencing sensory processing difficulties. One barrier is that there are few resources available in Spanish. The purpose of this project was to develop a resource for parents and caregivers using educational and easily accessible videos on sensory play activities for children. This compilation of videos was named the “SensoryFun! Toolkit©” a bilingual resource for parents and caregivers. To evaluate the wants and needs of parents for the toolkit, a parent focus group was conducted at Marin Head Start school. The results of the survey completed by parents were analyzed and used to develop topics for the toolkit videos. To determine if the toolkit was understandable and easy to use, parents were recruited to complete an online questionnaire and a pediatric occupational therapist was contacted to do an expert review of the toolkit. The parent feedback and expert review indicated that the toolkit was appropriate for families and provides accurate information in easier to understand terms. Using the toolkit, parents and caregivers can gain a better understanding of their child’s sensory needs and what sensory activities or strategies can be used to meet these sensory needs.


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