Graduation Date


Document Type

Capstone Project

Project Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Program Chair

Julia Wilbarger, OTR/L, PhD

Faculty Advisor

Caroline Umeda, OTR/L, PhD


Developing resilience in healthcare students is recognized as a valuable endeavor and programs at the university level exist for students in healthcare fields including medicine and nursing; however, there are no current programs for occupational therapy students (Delany et al., 2015). Research has shown that occupational therapy students experience high levels of stress that can lead to burnout (Everly et al., 1994). To address this programming gap, we developed and piloted a resilience program for occupational therapy students at Dominican University of California consisting of three components: 1) a self-compassion workshop, 2) a resilience website, and 3) a community building recreational event. Google forms were sent out through email to gather feedback from all three components of our program. Survey responses to our program components indicated that OT students experienced all program components as positive and valuable. Results also suggested a continued interest in developing resilience and that future implementation of a resilience program be continued in the form of workshops and community building activities.

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