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Background Nurses working within high-stress specialties, such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs), often face a lack of resources aimed at supporting their mental health. The expectation for the nurses is to independently manage their psychological well-being based on their knowledge and educational background. However, many times it is difficult to manage persistent stress, anxiety, or depression and this could adversely affect the quality of patient care and eventually lead to burnout. Telehealth therapy has become more readily available and used since the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to two forms of treatment delivery. Currently, there is limited research on the effectiveness of telehealth compared to the traditional form of in-person office visits. Objective The primary aim of this literature review and proposal is to improve the mental well-being of ICU nurses while assessing and comparing the effectiveness of telehealth versus in-person therapy in reducing anxiety. The literature review summarizes findings from six studies, categorizing them according to their effect on mental health and the benefits and barriers associated with in-person and telehealth therapy. Method This research proposal will encompass a mixed-methods study involving 25 participants for individual cognitive behavioral therapy, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Participants will be recruited from hospitals with ICU departments through emails/flyers. Data will be collected pre- and post-intervention through questionnaires and surveys along with two test tools called the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale (GAD-7) and the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). It is hypothesized that telehealth therapy will be more effective in reducing anxiety compared to in-person therapy in ICU nurses.



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Scholar & Creative Works Conference, Dominican University of California


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online therapy, in-person therapy, healthcare workers, effectiveness, anxiety and stress


Health Information Technology | Mental and Social Health | Nursing | Psychology

ICU Nurse Mental Health: Telehealth vs In-Person Therapy