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Bachelor of Arts

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Patricia Harris, PhD, RN


With the development of technology continuing to grow at a fast-paced pace in society, children are now becoming exposed to such technology at a younger age. The introduction of smartphones and tablets, which is defined as screen time in this paper, are being introduced to children as young as 6 months of age. Instead of children playing with toys recommended for their age, they use screen time for their play needs and entertainment. Some parents use screen time as a distraction and/or relief for their own needs when the child is upset or they’re unable to tend to the child. This can lead to a decrease in parent-child interaction which may impair the child’s ability to socialize with others, as well as affect their language development, which is associated with the communication that can help developing brains. My research question is: How does screen time affect children’s behaviors/coping, health, and language development?

In my literature review, I searched various databases for primary articles related to the topic and organized the articles I found into categories, including behavioral effects on children, health problems that can occur in children, and how the use of screens impact a child’s language development. Based on the research in the literature review, I propose a study to survey parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. This study aims to add to the limited research regarding the effects of screen time on a child’s behavior, overall health, and language development.