Graduation Year


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Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Primary Minor

Leadership Studies

Second Minor

Clinical and Counseling Science

Thesis Advisor

Rafael Romo, PhD


Background: Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and among all Asian subgroups, Filipinos are particularly at a much higher risk. Obesity raises the risk of acquiring other health complications, especially for those who develop obesity at a younger age. Research has shown that children who engage in higher levels of screen time are more likely to become obese, resulting in screen time restrictions and recommendations. Additionally, rates of obesity are higher in immigrants. There is a gap in the explanation of screen time’s effect on childhood obesity for first generation Filipino children.

Aim: The purpose of the proposed study is to determine if a daily screen time above two hours affects the development of childhood obesity in first generation Filipino children.

Methodology: This study will utilize a prospective cohort quasi-experimental design.

Recruitment Strategy: Participants will be between 6-years-old to 12-years-old, recruited from the high-density Filipino populated cities in the Bay Area.

Measurements: The independent variable will be screen time. The dependent variable will be weight. The researcher will control for: physical activity, sleep quality, diet, acculturation, first-generation immigration status, age, gender, location, income, school type, and screen time rules.

Analysis: Regression analysis followed by stepwise elimination will be used to determine the relationship between screen time and obesity while controlling for covariates.

Summary: Should this study yield significant findings, health recommendations may be promoted to help first generation Filipino youth to improve quality of life and overall health. This unique research design can be utilized for future studies involving childhood obesity.

Keywords: childhood obesity, screen time, first generation immigrant, Filipino