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Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Program Director

Andrea Boyle, PhD, FNAP

Thesis Advisor

Patricia Harris, PhD, RN


In nursing, the job is to care for the patients and get them to be the healthiest version of themselves. This thesis will review articles related to the interrelationship of socioeconomic status, food insecurities and the effect on people’s health. Food insecure people have trouble obtaining food and their nutrition suffers because they do not have the resources or money to maintain a healthy diet. Socioeconomic status plays a big role in the availability and obtainability of the necessary nutrients a person needs. Because of this, chronic diseases can arise and cause further health problems for the patients. The studies in this review also look into the availability of food and other resources and how that factors into the severity of a person's food security. Many of the studies were focused on the people attending food pantries to assess their overall health and security. The research showed that most of the people attending these food pantries were food insecure and had a higher prevalence of chronic diseases. A person's socioeconomic status can influence a person's living situation and the area in which they reside. Many of these areas are not given the same resources and access to affordable and healthy food options. Healthy food options need to be made more readily available for the people and families who struggle to feed themselves and the people they love. Finding a solution is essential to the health of the communities. Therefore, a research proposal is presented to address the concerns and seek answers.