Graduation Year


Document Type

Honor's Thesis


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Primary Major


Thesis Advisor

Kathleen Beebe RNC-OB, PhD


When caring for people with severe dementia, the concept of the person being central is increasingly advocated in clinical practice. Person-centered care acknowledges autonomy in all facets of care. Recent studies examine behavioral changes in individuals with dementia and how health care teams address these alterations. Health care providers are vital for effective holistic management. Therefore, this review focuses on the current knowledge regarding care goals, practices, and perceptions of the client battling with cognitive decline. A literature review ascertains that clients with dementia respond to interventions and have decreased negative health outcomes, when providers ensure values and needs are met in clinical practice. From the literature review, a qualitative pilot study was developed for future research. The qualitative phenomenological study aims to investigate the barriers that prevent health care providers from conducting patient focused care, illustrated by McCance and McCormack’s theory of patient centered approaches to nursing. The literature review and pilot study revealed how health care providers incorporate patient-centered care methods for older adults with Dementia.