Graduation Year


Document Type

Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Primary Major


Primary Minor

General Psychology

Thesis Advisor

Deborah Meshel, RN, BSN, MSN


The postpartum period is a critical period in regards to maternal health, marked by various physical, emotional, and psychological changes. Among the vulnerabilities that arise, postpartum depression (PPD) poses significant risks. More specifically, Asian-American mothers with postpartum depression face unique challenges, including the stigma surrounding mental health. As mental health stigma remains prevalent within the Asian-American community, it can make it challenging for mothers to seek out mental health care for postpartum depression. To investigate, primary research articles about the perceptions and experiences of PPD and the interventions used to improve PPD outcomes were examined. A plan for a future research proposal will utilize Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care Theory, in order to investigate the impact of providing first-time Asian-American mothers with culturally sensitive education on postpartum depression and its effect on the severity of symptoms. Providing culturally sensitive mental health care is important, particularly for Asian-American patients, in order to enhance PPD recognition and symptom management. The study will utilize a quasi-experimental design with a convenience sample of 200 mothers. Quantitative data collection of the proposed study will consist of a pre and post survey asking about the mother’s thoughts and feelings upon a rating scale. The pre- and post-intervention tests will be conducted in order to assess any changes in PPD symptom severity. The anticipated outcome of this study is a p-value