Graduation Year


Document Type

Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Primary Major


Thesis Advisor

Kendra Hoepper, DNP, APRN, PNP-BC


Menopausal women, 40 to 60 years old, have an increased risk of developing coronary artery disease (CAD) when they experience hormonal changes. Which then can lead to unwanted cardiac events. Within the literature review of this paper, it was found that there are factors of menopause that may further increase the risk of coronary artery disease in menopausal women. Such factors include whether a woman underwent surgical or natural menopause and the timing when menopause began. Additionally, within the review, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was explored to determine whether the possible intervention can decrease the progression and risk of developing CAD. The proposed research created within the thesis involves a quantitative, randomized controlled trial (RCT) to research the CAD risks further and understand the effectiveness of HRT in reducing the risk of CAD in menopausal women. The expected result is to find a relationship and a p-value of