Barriers to Prevetative Health Care fo Indian Women Immigrants

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Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Master of Science



Department or Program Chair

Luanne Linnard-Palmer, EdD, RN

Thesis Advisor

Barbara Ganley, PhD, RN, HNC


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand the reasons why it is more difficult for South Asian immigrant women to seek preventive health care and what health care professionals can do to minimize this.

Design: This is a descriptive survey research study to obtain the information needed to understand immigrant Indian women's delay in using health care.

Method: A questionnaire was used to collect the data. The questionnaire asked the interviewee about the demographics, their knowledge of health care, and the delays in using health care. The questionnaire was passed out at a community gathering center in Milpitas. California. The questionnaire was left on a table to be filled out and be put back in an envelope.

Finding: Out of the 59 women, eight did not answer the question about it they have seen the doctor at least once in the past year and fourteen denied that the\ had seen the doc o This could potentially mean that 25 percent of the women might have not cone doctor the whole year. The range of the visits tell between zero to six and the mean score was 1.3.

Conclusion: The two most common barriers were transportation and language amongst the women. About 85 percent of the women denied that English is their primary language and the five who did say yes to this question were all below the age of 50 years. Of these results, more then 50 percent of the women said that language does affect them from seeking medical care.